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BIEN Network

Education Research in Berlin

The network targets the uniqueness of Berlin and its surrounding where several research facilities addressing educational research are located. It is the aim of BIEN to give young scholars in Berlin and surroundings the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas beyond their home institute and discipline.

Educational research is conducted at Freie Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität, the Hertie School of Governance, Universität Potsdam, as well as Leibniz and Max-Planck-Society institutes.

Within this diverse network, almost all disciplines relevant for education research, i.e. educational sciences, psychology, economics, sociology as well as the history of education, are represented. At these facilities young scientists work on a variety topics related to educational research.

Lastingly connecting young researchers from different disciplines.

The network aims to systematically connect young scholars from different disciplines. The close proximity of so many institutions in Berlin and the surrounding region make BIEN a strong network.

The network’s diversity of disciplines and variety of institutions will address all aspects of educational research. Young scholars will benefit from becoming informed about how other disciplines approach educational research and the latest cutting edge results.

BIEN will sponsor one conference and two methods workshops each year, helping its members further develop their specialist and methodical knowledge.

Organisation and Coordination

The BIEN network coordinator will be based at DIW Berlin.  DIW Berlin’s central location, in Berlin Mitte, is easy and convenient to reach, and will provide facilities for the conferences and workshops. Renowned researchers will participate in the network, sharing their wealth of experience.

At the level of young scholars, scholars at all institutes act participate, helping decide on event topics and on how the network can be further improved.

Everyone who wants to participate in the events and is interested in further expansion of the network. To become a member, please e-mail to the BIEN-coordinator. There are no fees connected to being a member.